The OC6 outrigger season commences in September and finishes at the end of July. The OC1 and OC2 season commences in August and finishes in December. Membership includes club membership and insurance component, fees for the new season are due by the 7th December

New members can paddle up to three times before joining AOCRA and our club. New Members who join and pay full year membership fees by September will receive membership for the entire coming season. AOCRA fees (insurance) are renewed annually on the date you join.


AOCRA fees are the responsibility of each member to pay online. Go to and click on ‘join as a new member’, then click ‘apply as a new member’, the zone you should select is the SQzone and the club is ‘Outrigger Australia’ – the rest of the information is your personal details.  The club secretary will be notified via email that you have joined AOCRA and if you have also paid your club membership fees, the secretary will activate your AOCRA membership.

Club Fees

Annual Club Membership fee for a single adult comprises:

  • Palm Beach Currumbin Sports Club Membership
  • 2-3 fully coached training sessions per week during the OC6 season
  • Commercial insurance and canoe insurances
  • Maintenance for Canoes and equipment
  • Council Rates and Lease
  • Club administration including bookkeeping, accountant,
  • PO Box, postage and Fair trading registration
  • AOCRA affiliation



Club Membership Fees for 2016-2017

Snr Membership – $340
Jnr Membership – $25
Social Membership – $50
Family Membership – 3 members from the same family 10% discount

Payment Methods Membership 2016-1017
All membership is to be paid by way of 2 methods only –

Method 1: As a full membership amount paid in full no later than – 15th Oct, 2016

Method 2: A set payment plan issued to the committee for approval within the first 4 weeks after the AGM – 15th Oct, 2016. If payment plan is agreed then Minimum first payment is $100.00 paid by 15th Oct, 2016

If payment of the full amount or a payment plan/first payment is not received by the 15th Oct, 2016, then paddler is deemed to be un financial and ineligible for use of the clubs facilities in training or racing

All Payment Plans to be finalised and paid in full – due by COB Wed 7th Dec, 2016


If paying full amount – Due 15th Oct, 2016

If payment by approved payment plan – first payment by 15th Oct, 2016 – Final payment due 7th Dec, 2016

Shed storage fees– Financial club members only, $150.00 Per canoe. (outrigger canoes only)